I can't send E-Mail - "Port 25 blocking"

Many ISP's including Bigpond/Optus do not ALLOW OUTGOING SMTP outside of their network. They do what is called "Port 25 blocking" WHAT IS PORT 25 BLOCKING? Port 25 blocking will stop spammers from sending out huge waves of unauthorized junk email by preventing email from being sent out through any non-ISP mail servers. With Port 25 blocking, anyone logged in to an ISP will only be able to send mail through the that ISP's mail servers, thereby allowing them to block spam sent out through their network.

What should you do if your ISP is "Port 25 blocking" ???

Use your ISP's outgoing mailserver for sending mail. You can still specify a reply address and it will still appear to be coming from your domain.

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How do i login to the control panel? or where is replaced by your actual domain name.

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How do i use DirectAdmin?

If you're new to DirectAdmin visit, Otherwise send a quick support request and get helpful answers promptly.

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I've lost my domain password, help!

Please contact Host 101 to have your password reset and sent to your email address on record.

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Someone is using my form to send spam, what can i do?

You will usually notice if your form is being abused when you receive weird emails with weird content and words like content-type and mime, this is called remote injection. WHA can usually tell when this happens and will most likely disable the form to prevent further damage and will alert you. We have developed a nifty little php script you can use to prevent remote injection, please lodge a support request for assistance with this.

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Im getting error 500 when trying to run a cgi script, what have i done wrong?

Firstly make sure you have CHMOD the script to be executable, most of the time it should be set to 0755. Most FTP software allows you to perform this, its usually under permissions. Secondly make sure the path to perl is correct. If unsure please lodge a support request.

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My email wont work, what should i do?

Log a support request making sure you specify the email account you're having trouble with, what email software you're using, if you're using webmail and also password for your email account for testing purposes.

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How can i have a secure site and use https:// ?

In most cases a shared ssl self signed certificate can be setup but however will produce some alerts when trying to view via https (however data is still encrypted). To prevent the alerts you need a verified ssl certificate. WHA can supply an instant SSL as well as a separate IP address which is required. Please log a support request if you need SSL

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