FREE Website Transfer

FREE Website TransferNeed Rescuing?

Its a common issue, "my host has been down for days, and i cant contact anyone, im losing business...". We have heard this time and time again from frustrated clients who mistakenly chose overseas webhosts to save a few $, but instead have non stop issues and very little support from their host.

Let WHA come to the rescue and move your website for you, for FREE. We have a very skilled team of programmers and developers as well as server admins who know just about everything when it comes to salvaging a website from a failing host and setting it up in a new location.  Rest assured, you will be saved!.

How do i get you to transfer my site?
Once you've placed your hosting order, please log a support ticket via the Client area requesting our FREE website transfer service.

What information should i supply?
As much as possible. We will be needing FTP & control panel login details for your current host, and sometimes domain name login information. Any emails you have from your current host from when signing up are also great.

What if my host has gone offline permanently?
If your host has gone offline and shows no sign of coming back online we will need to get a copy of your website files. Sometimes you may have this already, or whoever developed/designed your site may have them - supply us with details of who your designer is and we will approach them on your behalf for the files.  If you or your designer have no files at all we can then do a search in the internet archive & various search engine cache's to see if any webpages/images can be salvaged. In the meantime we can get your email online promptly.

My website runs on a database and requires some special perl modules, can i still transfer?
If your website runs on a database or requires some special server side modules to be installed, we will take a look and assess whats possible. In most cases its usually fine and any additional perl/php modules required can be installed on request as long as they don't affect other users on the same server.

My website is currently hosted on a windows server, can i transfer to your Linux platform?
We will need to assess your current website and see if its possible. If your website uses Microsoft technologies like ASP, ASPX then unfortunately we cannot host that kind of site as we currently only run on the stable & secure Linux hosting platform.

Any more questions? Please contact us today to discuss your FREE Website Transfer

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